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Christian Egan

Energy Intuitive

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Meet Christian

Christian has been an energy intuitive for over 20 years. Combining his love and passion for all things spiritual, metaphysical and energetic. 

Having studied over 20 different modalities including the list below, he has his own unique gifts and abilities which include psychic and mediumship, clairvoyance, ​clairaudience, channeling, remote viewing and astral projection.


He is able to energetically and visually see auras, energy patterns and blockages, holographic blueprints, ghosts and entity attachments. He can read your akashic records and soul plan. He also works with the ascended masters and arch angels. 


Clearing Sessions

Stunning Healing Energy phenomenon  - female hands reaching up into a ball of white  energ

Lightarian Reiki 

Lightarian Rays Program

Lightarian Clearing Program


15D Energetic Cord Cutting 

15D Auric & Charkra Clearing

15D Auric Clearing

15D Karmic Clearing

Colored Space

Matrix Unplugged


J-Seals & Unnatural Implants Removal

Chakra and Kundalini Removal

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