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“A really positive experience”​


For the last few years, I have been struggling with my direction in life and my work-life balance. 

I was really excited to have a Soul Reading with Christian as it fascinates me that our names connect us to the Earth's vibration and that our names are really important. 

When I joined the session I actually warned Christian that the skeptic in me was very heightened but I was still curious. Christian's response was that it showed in the reading and had surprised him as I had dabbled in healing and completed Reiki many years ago, actually feels more like a lifetime ago. 

The actual reading was really reassuring. Christian has a very pleasant manner and provides the information in a totally non-judgemental way. He actually touched on things that were so true, the lack of trust I have in my ideas to take a risks and take on new ventures. So true especially in my current situation.


When he mentioned that education and teaching came through in my reading I felt comforted as I have been struggling with my role as an educator for quite some time. 

Christian suggested I keep a journal of thoughts which I started immediately and have tried to keep writing to gain a deeper understanding of myself. One that is recurring is fear - fear of failure, fear of not being good enough in relationships and my job. That was so true for me and I have spent quite a bit of time looking at my direction and what I want.


So I feel I can say the reading has given me a gentle push to make positive steps to improve my life and happiness. I have enrolled in a course, I have started journaling, and taken time to just be in the moment more enjoying my family and life. 


Thanks, Christian it was a really positive experience and one I would recommend to others.


Sheryl M - Australia

“More confident and self-aware”​

My first impression of Christian, was his understanding, his listening to my need and his all-round kindness.

He has helped me with certain obstacles that I found hard to overcome and release any negativity from these experiences.

Christian provided me with guidance through this by way of coaching and healing sessions, which has enabled me to improve on these matters and change old thought processes and patterns into positive ones.

This has been a great experience and has made me more confident and self-aware. I highly recommend Christian. 

Kelly M - Australia

“I cannot believe the changes”​


I cannot believe the changes I have made and the positive shift in my often ‘glass half empty’ mindset.

I’ve only just begun this journey with Christian and feel a huge weight of stress/ worry/ past baggage lifted- let me tell you IT FEELS GREAT, and as Christian reminded me .... it’s only the beginning.

There is something about Christian that is understanding, safe, empowering, and knowledgeable, and he keeps it real.

He is progressional and creates a really safe environment to allow you to be true and honest with yourself.

I didn’t have the inner belief that I could really change things for me/ within me, but that is changing. I am now excited and looking forward to working with Christian and really honouring myself and what I want/ deserve.

From someone who was there a few weeks ago, if you feel like I felt, like ‘something has to change.’

It is worth a phone call to Christian - what have you got to lose?

Marsha Wilson - Australia 

“I want to start by saying wow!”​

Approximately a year ago I met with Christian to do some Timeline Therapy. To say I was sceptical was bang on the money. I thought to myself how can someone help me with my issues? My issues were something I had been hanging onto for my whole life and I am 51. So I thought let's be open-minded.


I walked into Christians's office on the 30-something floor at Barangaroo and thought holy shit I am so high off the ground, (because this is one of my problems, being scared of heights). I virtually slid into the chair because I was too afraid to look out the window. Seriously…


The next step after pleasantries was for Christian to explain how this was going to work. So I said let's give this a crack and we did. He explained what Timeline Therapy was and how it worked which I thought to myself this is going to be very interesting. I told him some of my greatest fears and shared my anxieties.


This is what happened next-


So I hovered above my Timeline and discovered something that was insanely interesting. I had gone back in time in the 1700s where I was on a boat and everyone on the boat had died of a disease. I was the only survivor. I looked a bit like Abraham Lincoln actually. One of my first fears and biggest fears is dying and leaving my family behind. It has actually stopped me in the past from having a good time. Christian metaphorically pulled me out of my timeline. I came back to the room after being in a trans like state to discover that I was a survivor which has become very reassuring and I can honestly say that I have no fear of dying or leaving my family behind. Death is one moment in your life and I was missing all the great stuff before it actually happens. Hopefully in the very distant future.


I then thought my next fear which was heights. So I get back into my Timeline and I'm hovering over the top of an actual visual line ---------|---------|---------| something similar to this actually. All of a sudden up popped another moment and I was a bomber pilot in the USA Air Force. I could actually see myself being paraded off to war. Kissing my wife and child and saying goodbye. I am then flying in my bomber and bang we’ve been hit! We are going down and splash into the ocean and I am now drowning. Christian pulls me back into the room again and he said that I have so much detail in my language. I could see myself again but not as I am today. I actually looked a bit like Gregory Peck.


Christian asked me what I thought about the height of where we are and I said it freaked me out originally and he said how do you feel now? He asked me to get out of the chair and go to the window which I reluctantly did. I was still scared but nowhere near as when I first walked in. Christian wasn't happy that I hadn’t cleared my fear so I went back into my Timeline and I went back to where I had just been and I got why I was scared. I was going to crash from a great height and probably die. I came back to the room (which you never physically leave) and got up and walked over to the window and lent against it and said, wow we are really high and those people look really small. I felt relieved and shocked at the same time. I felt fixed, to be honest.


Like I said this happened a year ago and I can honestly say my anxieties have virtually disappeared, my fears have also disappeared, and I feel free around the things that I just shared. If there is one thing that I can honestly say has made a difference in my life, this is/was it.

Dale Witchard - Australia 

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